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Kriti Arts Limited is a Public Company Limited By Guarantee incorporated in Singapore conceived to create an enriched environment for appreciation of visual arts. It supports communities and humanitarian activities through its events and programmes and has core values of creativity, diversity, inclusivity and collaborativeness.

‘Kriti’ in Sanskrit Language means creativity and a work of art. It refers to the act of creating or making as well as the creation.


Kriti Arts Limited has been conceived to create an enriched environment for appreciation of visual arts. It aims to conduct arts events such as Exhibitions, Presentations, Talks, Seminars, and Workshops, as well as undertake teaching programmes and bring out publications to encourage awareness and support for visual arts in Singapore.

It aims to conduct research and programmes on the use of visual arts to promote mental well-being, good health and therapy programmes for stress relief along with sustainability initiatives and eco-green products. In terms of training programmes it plans to conduct international events for exchange of knowledge and skill-based training. Team-building Training will be included in the In-Company Training Programmes. It hopes to encourage artists by investing in their art and connecting them to new patrons. The company also plans to invest in upcoming technologies which will aid the furtherance of visual arts.


It has a vision to be a thriving and vital arts organisation promoting appreciation of visual arts in Singapore and internationally.

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WORLD ART DAY-Festival of Arts 2024

SINGAPORE INDIAN FINE ARTS SOCIETY IN COLLABORATION WITH KRITI ARTS clebrates world Art day with artists Hayun Choi, Tsuyumi Miwa

02-24, 55 Siglap Road, Singapore 455871

World Art Day -How to Mix & Match Watercolours

Art workshop on how to mix and match watercolours and create a simple yet stunning landscape! Bring Your own materials

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