Ragamala Paintings as Visual Melodies- Exhibition & Book Launch

Ragamala Paintings evoke an image of paintings created to capture the essence of musical melodies, called Ragas in Indian Classical Music. The genre is referred to as Indian Miniature Paintings and were a popular form of Indian paintings created in a linear format- meaning simple lines and figurative. They were created in a small format as illustrations to books and scriptures.

The word Ragamala in Sanskrit means a ‘garland of Ragas’ and therefore the paintings depicted a mood, a setting, a colour scheme that matched with the sound of the melody- whether it was joyous, or serious or meditative.

Kumuda Krovvidi, is an artist who likes to create an awareness and appreciation for Indian Art in Singapore. Through this exhibition she facilitated an understanding of the genre of Indian Art, called Ragamala Paintings.

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