Rangoli Resonance Art- Find Your vibe

Can we ‘see’ with our ears an ‘hear’ with our eyes? Vibrations of sound can be captured as images with the help of tools. These images contain patterns of geometric shapes that are unique and universal. They are representational of the Universe itself. ‘Kolam’ and ‘Mandala” are designs created by hand as a reflection of our Universe. The designs bear an extraordinary similarity with vibration patterns.

Rangoli is an Indian traditional decorative design and pattern created out of colourful powders at doorsteps of homes to make visitors feel welcome and invite them inside.

Resonance art is generally understood to be art that is derived from visualization of sound in terms of lines, shapes, patterns and colour.

Chladni plates make it possible to visualize sound frequencies as patterns. Physicist Ernest Chladni discovered different patterns being formed by sand particles placed on a metal plate when the plate was vibrated with sound at different frequencies.

The study of visible sound is called Cymatics, and it reveals some fascinating truths about our universe that go unseen by the naked eye. Sounds actually have a distinct geometry, much like crystals and flowers and nautilus shells.

When picked up by a special apparatus, such as the sand-covered plate called a tonoscope, these vibrations reveal incredible geometric shapes that are as unique and representative of universal phenomena.

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