Rangoli Resonance Art

Rangoli Resonance Art Exhibition held from 22-24 September 2023 at Goodman Arts Centre explored the visualisation of sound in terms of patterns.

Kumuda Krovvidi, Artist & Founder, had the opportunity to explore sound vibration patterns and connect them with the traditionalfloor art from India called Rangoli.The exhibition consisted of a display of digitally created artwork that was printed on canvas. The exhibition had a unique interactive installation called a tonoscope which could convert solfeggio notes into sound vibration patterns. The Presentation explained the connection between meticulous records by Ernst Chladni, known as the Father of Acoustics, of sound frequency wave patterns. He discovered that sound frequencies create distinct wave patterns as seen by displacement of salt particles along nodal points on a metal plate that is vibrated.

Kumuda has sought to connect these patterns with Rangoli designs and has put forth an idea that these patterns are meant to reflect the universality of these patterns. In conclusion, she has put forth the idea that perhaps we humans are hardwired to recognise these patterns and replicate them to resonate with our Universe.

The Event was supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore.

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