Six Seasons – Musical Motifs in Indian Art


Rich & Elegant Photo Book of Indian Miniature Paintings illustrating a musical melody called a ‘Raga’ in Indian Classical Music. The Collective of Paintings called Ragamala Paintings are a Musical Motifs in Indian Art . Author & Artist Kumuda Krovvidi has created these paintings and given a brief write up about each illustration representing a musical melody as well as the Season.


A richly designed elegant photo book on the Six Seasons of India namely Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Fall, Pre-Winter and Winter visualised as personified figures representing musical melodies.Pictorial Visualisation of sound and musical melodies in the form of personified iconography was a popular genre in Indian Art and shaped the artistic developments of modern art in India. the changing seasons played an important part in the expressions of persistent moods and emotional quality of the musical mode.

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